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(Binding from: 25.05.2018)

Dear User!

We every day take care for your comfortable and safe use of our services and websites. As a result, we give you important information on the ways how data is collected during your visits at our websites or when using our online and offline services.

We know, how important privacy and safety is. In the Privacy Policy provided by us we explain, what data is collected and for what reason, as well as how it is processed, in order to make you aware that such data is safe at us. This Privacy Policy covers the principles of use for the service under the address: (, that in the following part of Privacy Policy is called „the Service” or alternately „the Internet Website”. This Privacy Policy comprises following sections:

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We are administrator of personal data, that is Buma Nieruchomości spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.K. 30-415 Kraków, Wadowicka 6 street, entrance 11, registered in the register of entrepreneurs held by Kraków-Śródmieście District Court, XI Entrepreneurial Department of National Court Register under KRS number 0000555433, holding TAX-ID (NIP) 6793110814

In the scope of website service in the ownership of Buma Nieruchomości spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.K., administrator of data collected via the service stipulated above is Buma Nieruchomości spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.K.. As the Administrator of Personal Data (APD), Buma Nieruchomości spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.K. undertakes to pursue the informational obligation towards the service users and to handle the users applications for processing their personal details.

In all matters concerning protection of personal details, you can contact us and write at e-mail address:

In the scope of data collected automatically and detailed in the section 2.3 Policy, Administrators of your Personal Details also can be our Partners stipulated in section 11 of Privacy Policy. Complete list of our Partners, including information on Privacy Policies applied by them, can be found at (here).

2.1 General information

Cooperation with us or using our Services may relate to the requirement for delivery your personal details to us. The collected data is kept in strict confidentiality and we use them for the purposes, about which you are informed. Thanks to diverse opportunities you decide on data, that is made available by you, as well as on data that can be used by us.

2.2 Data collected when contacting with the company

In the case of sending the notice by you directly at our e-mail address, we will process your data delivered in such notice for the purpose of provision of services, that are detailed in the statute of our Service. Such services are, i.e.: office space rental

If you give a separate consent for the above, we will also process the data made available by you, for our marketing purposes, as well as marketing purposes of our Partners or other cooperating entities.

2.3 Data collected automatically

When you use our Service, we collect and gather information, such as: Your IP address, the requested URL address, device ID, website browser type, website browser language, number of clicks, amount of time spent at particular sites, date and hour of using the Service, type and version of operating system, display resolution, data collected in the server logs, as well as other similar data. You can read more about this in the section 8 of Privacy Policy.

Data stipulated above (i.e. data collected in the scope of Service) will be used by us for transmission of messages in the Services and in Mobile Applications, as well as for the provision of service, that is requested by you.

Irrespectively to the above, we will use data collected automatically for profiling the content and advertisement for our goods and services, wherein it will commence in the framework of external Services, in the form of remarketing (read more about this in the section 8 and section 9 of Privacy Policy. Data collected automatically can be used for profiling.

Data collected automatically will also be used by us for traffic research at our Service websites, measurement of advertisement effectiveness and measurement of Service popularity, as well as its particular sections and particular materials provided at such websites. Such data will also be used for market research and opinions.

2.4 Other data

When your data is delivered by you, in order to conclude a contract, we will process them in order to conclude such contract and then to pursue the contract, when such contract will be concluded.

When contacting with us in order to make various activities or obtain information (i.e. place an offer, an inquiry, claim etc.) with means of the website, telephone or e-mail, we will request delivery of your personal details once more, in order to confirm your identity and availability of return contact. It also concerns the same personal details, that were formerly delivered by you. Delivery of data stipulated above is not obligatory, but it is required for making activities and collection of information, that are interesting for you. The data stipulated above will be processed by us in order to pursue the activities requested by you or to deliver information to you that is requested -depending on the case that currently takes place.

When particular activities will be covered by individual information note regulating your data processing issues, on the matters of which you will contact us, then such a note will be prevailing to the information provided in this Privacy Policy, in the scope of the regulated content. In other matters this Privacy Policy will be applicable.


All data collected by us is processed according to the purpose, for which such data is being collected and on the grounds of respective legal regulations. The basis entitling us for processing your personal data may be as follows:

  • Your consent,
  • contract concluded between us,
  • legal duty,
  • legally justified interest pursued by us or third party
3.1 Data processing on the basis of consent

Whenever we will ask for your consent for processing your personal details, your consent will constitute the legal basis entitling us for processing such data.

We will as for your consent for processing, including profiling, your personal data ,in order to adapt the content, advertisements and other services in the Service and in the Internet by us and by our Parnerów. You can read more about this in the section 8 of Privacy Policy.

Jeśli wyrazisz taką zgodę, będziemy także przesyłali Ci telefonicznie (np. poprzez sms lub mms) lub elektronicznie informacje handlowe na temat naszych towarów i usług lub towarów lub usług naszych Parnerów lub podmiotów współpracujących.

3.2 Data processing on the basis of contract

We will be processing your personal data, when it is required for conclusion of the contract, in which you are a party or when it is required for making activities on your request before conclusion of the contract.

3.3 Legal obligation

In particular detailed situations we must process your data, as a result of the requirement resulting from legal duties, that are imposed on us.

Such situations are the ones, in which we must keep your data, i.e. data resulting from the issued invoices for settlement and tax purposes, or data delivered by you relating to the execution of delivered order, sales of product in a particular time.

3.4 Legally justified interest pursued by us or third party

Your data will be processed by us, when it will be required for the purposes resulting from legally justified interests pursued by us or third parties.

Whereas, we will not process your personal data in situations, when it occurs that your interests or your basic laws and freedoms are of superior character with respect to third party interests stipulated above.

Following the reasons stipulated above we inform, that on the grounds of our justified interest, we will process your data for publication purposes of not profiled advertisements of our goods and services, as well as for claiming rights and defending against claims, as well as for evidence and archiving purposes.

We will also process your personal data collected automatically in the Service on the same grounds, in order to provide the safety of session, provide quality of the session and make all our Service functions available.

On the grounds of our legally justified interest, we will also process your personal data for analytical purposes, that will be based on traffic research and analysis at our Service, making market research and opinion research. Such researches are executed in own extent or we commission them to external research companies. Research results have aggregated form and are anonymised, as a principle.


In case of the concluded and executed contract, we collect only such data without which a particular contract cannot be executed. Lacking delivery of data, that is required for conclusion and execution of contract, makes that we cannot conclude such contract with you or implement it. It also covers the data, that must be collected by us as a result of legal obligation imposed on us (i.e. data for invoices).

In case of your consent for personal data processing, that is obtained by us, this consent is completely voluntary. Without giving a consent that is required by us, the respective activities concerned in such consent are not pursued by us. You may cancel the given consent at any time. Whereas, cancellation of the consent does not influence on compliance with data processing law concerning your personal data, that was pursued on the basis of such consent before its cancellation.


In some cases we transfer your personal data to third parties. The recipients of such data are:

  • our authorised employees and co-operators to whom your personal data will be made available for the purpose of making their duties available,
  • entities, to whom we commission the execution of services related to personal data processing (processing entities), who will be i.e. entities providing analytical services and Internet opinion researches, entities making e-mailing campaigns, advertisement agencies,
  • our Partners stipulated in the section 11 of the Privacy Policy,
  • other recipients of data, i.e. our subcontractors, banks, tax advisors, law firms, courier companies, when it is required for the execution of service commissioned by you or for delivery of the purchased product,
  • public institutions, including Police, customs office, law-enforcement agencies, in relation to theirs proceedings.

Should the goods or services be purchased from us as a result of the pursued contract, that was concluded with us, or in relation to our Service use, we will process your data in the period of 6 years following tax law regulations.

In other cases your data delivered to us and relating to your inquiry, e-mail or other form of contact, for which you gave consent, will be stored by us at maximum period of 6 years as a result of limitation period for claims.

Should a right be purchased from you (i.e. a copyright or a license), we will process your data in the whole period in which this right is entitled to us or in which we exploit it.

In other scope, with exception to data from cookies files, we will process your data until cancellation of your consent, the expressed objection, or the requested deletion of data, but not longer than in the period of 3 years from your last activity at our Service.

Information resulting from cookies files will be stored in the web browser of your terminal device in the period of 1 year. You also may delete such data at any time, with means of your web browser settings, and more details can be read in the section 8 of the Privacy Policy.

When periods stipulated above expire, your personal data will be deleted and anonymised.


In relation to your data processed by us, you are entitled to a set of rights. You can use such rights or obtain more explanations when contacting us:

at e-mail address:

or at correspondence address: Buma Nieruchomości spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.K. 30-415 Kraków, Wadowicka 6 street, entrance 11, registered in the register of entrepreneurs held by Kraków-Śródmieście District Court, XI Entrepreneurial Department of National Court Register under KRS number 0000555433, holding TAX-ID (NIP) 6793110814

When contacting us, remember to give us your contact details or preferred form and time of contact. Following this, we will respond to your questions and request in and more efficient manner.

You are entitled to:

  • right of requesting access to your personal data from us or right of making amendments, deletion (“right to be forgotten”),
  • right of objection to personal data processing for direct marketing purposes, that terminates the processing of your data by us for direct marketing purposes,
  • from May 25, 2018, the right of objection following the reasons related to your particular situation, when your personal data is processed on grounds of legally justified interest. Whereas, we will be still processing the personal data in the required extent, when justified grounds exist at our side (i.e. investigation of law-enforcement organs),
  • from May 25, 2018, right of transfer for the processed data in relation to the executed contract or on the basis of your consent, as well as right of limitation for the processed data,
  • when your consent constitutes the basis for your personal data processing, you have the right of cancellation such consent at any moment. Whereas, cancellation of the consent does not infringe the compliance with data processing law for your personal data, that was pursued on the basis of such consent before its cancellation (i.e. in case of issued invoices).

In order to use your rights of cancellation the consent, you may use the e-mail contact provided in the correspondence posted directly to us at our post-box.

When you give consent for cookies and for profiling when entering at our Service site, your consent will be registered automatically at the information panel, next to the Privacy Policy, in a special check-box. Then, this check-box will be checked. If you want to cancel your consent for cookies and profiling, you can do so by unchecking the check-box stipulated above.

Cancelling the consent for personal data processing on the information panel level, next to the Privacy Policy (with respect to cookies and profiling) will have the same effect in the whole service.

Cancelling the formerly given consent will be equivalent to withdrawal from the services provided by us at our Service. Such cancellation of consent in relation to the statute should mean deletion of personal data, that was provided by you. Whereas, it does not pertain to the situation, in which we have right of storing such data according to other legal basis, i.e. for tax office purposes (invoices) – in such a case we will be further keeping your data under the contract that was settled between us, and as a result of a justified interest, whereas it does not pertain to the situation, in which you use your right of limitation for the processed data.

After cancellation of consent via e-mail, we will immediately send to you a confirmation of delivery concerning your cancellation of consent. Whereas, we inform that as a result of complexity of our IT systems, processing your cancellation of consent may take 2 working days from your reception of our confirmation.

You also may cancel the consent for data processing by our Partners, by virtue of instructions provided in their particular Privacy Policies, to which links are provided in the section 11 of the Privacy Policy.

Should you consider your data processed by us as breaching the legal regulations, you may file a complaint to the supervisory authority that deals with personal data protection, until May 25, 2018. After May 25, 2018, it will be the Head of Personal Data Protection Office (pol. Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych, abbreviated as PUODO) in Poland.

The above information concerning your case, that are collected by us and by our Partners, also may be used for profiling the advertisements and content outside the Service. It particularly refers to so called advertisement networks, that collect and intermediate in the sales of advertisements in the services having various owners. The advertisement networks collect data on the users from all services cooperating with such networks, and then use them in order to display the advertisements the best adapted to the interests of the recipients.


Cookies is short information, that our Service or our Partner stores at your computer disc or at your mobile device in the form of text files, therefore we are able to count, how popular our Service is. We also use other technologies of such type, i.e. storing and reading the information from localStorage, that is a data store. We identify you in order to know, what information is required by you and what do you search at our Service. We want to know, what categories/products/services are the most often visited by you, therefore we can make our Services more interesting and better in the reception. You provide us with knowledge about directions of our development, what your interests are, what is lacking, what should be placed at a particular Service, in your opinion. Moreover, the cookies files and information from localStore is used by our Service for session maintenance and user settings purposes (after logging in, if occurred), following which the user may not enter login and password at each Service subpage once more, as well as for statistics, researches and analysis purposes, that support proper understanding of usage methods of our users when visiting the webpages and enable improvements in the structure and content. As a result of access to data included in the cookies files and with means of localStore technology, we obtain data categories during your visit at our Service, that are stipulated in the section 2.3 of the Privacy Policy. The cookies and information stored in localStore do not damage or destroy your device system in any way, or files saved at such system, as well as do not purposefully influence on its efficiency or functionality in any adverse manner. Identification takes place in an impersonal and anonymous manner, and such data explicitly pertains to the methods and form of using the Service.

With regard to the storage period in the scope of our Service, two basic cookies files are used, such as: the session cookies and the persistent cookies. The session cookies are temporary files, that are stored at your terminal device until logging out, leaving the website or switching off the software (Internet browser). Persistent cookies are stored at your terminal device in a definite period, that determined in the cookies parameters or until they are removed by you.

With regard to the function, we use the following cookies types at our Service:

  • necessary cookies, enabling using the services that are available in the scope of Service, i.e. authorization cookies files used for the services requiring authorization in the Service,
  • cookies used for the provision of safety, i.e. used for detection of breaches, in the scope of Service authorisations,
  • efficiency cookies files, enabling collection of information about the ways of using the Service webpages,
  • functional cookies files, enabling saving your selected setting and personalisation of interface, i.e. in the scope of the selected language or region, from which you come from, font size, appearance of website etc.,
  • advertisement cookies files, enabling delivery of advertisement content to you, that is more adapted to your interests.

Cookies files can be used and placed in your terminal device also by advertisement providers and partners cooperating with us, and you may read more about this in the section 9 of the Privacy Policy.

Such data is collected with means of cookies files and localStore technology, mobile device IDs, and as a principle, they do not allow for your identification. Whereas, in some cases, particularly when you are a registered user, there is opportunity of associating particular information resulting from cookies, localStorage technology, mobile device IDs, with you.

LocalStorage technology makes storing information similar to cookies at your web browser feasible, particularly in the environments in which cookies technology does not operate correctly or cannot operate. The elements saved with means of localStorage, unlike to cookies files, do not have time limit, therefore operate until deletion on the user’s request.

Accepting cookies files and localStorage technology is not obligatory for using the Service. Whereas, we inform that lacking such consent may disable proper operation of Service in full extent.

The collected data, as long as your consent is granted, will be used by us for personalisation of content, advertisements and other services, that are visible at our Service and in the Internet. Data stipulated above will also be used for the same purposes by our Partners stipulated in the section 11 of this Privacy Policy.

You can give consent for storage of cookies files and information stored with means of localStorage technology at own device, as well as for its use in the ways described above, with two methods. One such method is giving consent by checking the consent in the cookies consent window, that will be displayed when entering our Service. The other method is changing the settings of web browser that is used by you, i.e. the settings of web browser enabling acceptance of cookies, as well as localStorage technology, or respectively lacking such change in the existing settings after the reception of information stipulated above, what means the consent for collecting and processing the technology stipulated above by us and our Partners in the ways stipulated above.

You also may determine opportunity for storing or granting access to cookies and to information stored with means of localStorage technology at any time, with means of software settings installed at your device.

We are forced to save cookies with such information at your device, in order to remember your decision on your lacking consent for application of cookies and localStorage in a permanent manner, for the purposes described above. Unless your device settings allow for this, a natural behaviour will be asking for your consent each time.

You should use the web browser option, that is used for connection to the Services, and select the automatic denial option, to not receive the cookies. Such settings typically enable cookies management.

References to exemplary, official Internet manufacturers websites of the most often used web browsers are presented below, in which information about activities required for changing a particular web browser setting is detailed, in the extent stipulated above:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



You should disable the cooperation of web browser with localStorage technology, in order to cancel operation of such technology, what typically occurs in an analogical way to resignation from the reception of cookies files.

In order to deactivate localStorage technology, the following activities are recommended, depending on type of your web browser:
Internet Explorer:

pressing the combination of [Ctrl + Shift + Delete] buttons will display the window with options for deletion of particular elements. The “Cookie files and website data” element pertains to deletion of cookies files and localStorage content. Select Tools -> Internet options -> “Advanced” tab -> from main menu and in the “Security” section uncheck the “Enable DOM storage”.

Mozilla Firefox:

pressing the combination of [Ctrl + Shift + Delete] buttons will display the window with options for deletion of particular elements. The “cookies” element pertains to deletion of cookies files and localStorage content. In the place for www address write down about:config command, then change default “true” value into “false” in the “” line.

Google Chrome:

pressing the combination of [Ctrl + Shift + Delete] buttons will display the window with options for deletion of particular elements. The “Cookies files and other website data and plugins” element pertains to deletion of cookies files and localStorage content.


Select Menu -> Settings -> Delete private data from main menu. Select elements for deletions from dialogue box. The “Delete all cookie files” and “Erase persistent storage” element will cause deletion of cookies files and localStorage content. In the place for www address write down opera:config command. Set the ‘localStorage’ line to “0” (zero) in the „Domain Quota Exceeded Handling For localStorage” and „Domain Quota For localStorage” fields.


you should select the Safari menu -> Preferences (pressing Cmd+), then Privacy, in the “Web site management” location you should check one or more websites, then click Delete or Delete all.

Buma Nieruchomości spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.K. shall not be liable for content of cookies files sent by other Internet sites, to which links are placed on the Service pages.


In order to provide our services, their improvement and analysis, we benefit from support of services and tools from other entities. Such entities pursue goals that are detailed by us, wherein they also may pursue in some cases own goals and goals of cooperating entities. The list of entities (other data administrators), who pursue own goals with support of data collected in the Service, is placed in the section 11 of the Privacy Policy.

We present below the selected information on the services and tools that are used by us, about which you should be informed in relation to the protection of your personal data:

9.1 Analysis
9.1.1 Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics tool in our Service, that is delivered by Google Inc. („Google”) with headquarters in the US. It is a web-analytical service, that is implemented by Google (here Google is a processor) on own behalf, with application of cookies files. The information generated by cookies files concerning your use of the Service, with description presented below:, are transferred and saved on the Google server in the US. Anonymization takes place directly after the reception of data, before its saving. Google will use the obtained information for our purposes, in order to verify your use of our services, create reports on its functionality and in order to provide additional services on our behalf, related to application of digital services or the Internet, in particular Google Analytics reports on the provided services, according to demographical criteria and interests. IP address transferred by your web browser in the Google Analytics framework will not be related with other Google data.

We inform that you may prevent from saving data by Google that was obtained with means of cookies, as well as data (including IP address) related to the use of website, as well as prevent processing such data by Google, by downloading and installing the web browser plugin that is available at the following link:

9.1.2 HotJar

In order to save the interaction routes with our Services and make surveys, we may use the HotJar, tool delivered by Hotjar Ltd, Level 2, St Julians Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julians STJ 1000, Malta, Europe, +1 (855) 464-6788, It is a tool that anonymously saves the activity of randomly selected users at our Services. The collected data is analysed by our UX designers, and this way it supports solving the problems, that are found by users, in order to improve the quality of our provided services. The list of data collected by our partner is presented below:, website.

9.2 Analytics for advertisement purposes and for customisation of content.
9.2.1 Facebook Pixel

In order to measure the advertisement efficiency in our Services with means of Facebook platform and in order to optimise our advertisements presented there, we may use Facebook Pixel. It is a tool, that helps in the measurement of advertisement efficiency, on the basis of activity analysis of our Service users. The Pixel data is used by us in the following extent:

  • Broadcasting advertisements within the respective group of recipients,
  • creating the group of advertisement recipients,
  • analysis the events after clicking the advertisement,
  • using other Facebook advertisement tools.

Information on data collected by our partner is presented below: , in the “What data is collected by pixel?” tab.

9.2.2 Conversion tracking and Google AdWords advertisement tag

In order to measure the advertisement efficiency at our Services via Google AdWords and in order to optimise our advertisements presented there, we use conversion tracking and remarketing. As a result of such tools, we know what happened after the Customer’s interaction with the advertisement – whether the activity assessed by us as valuable was terminated. It enables for optimisation of promotional activities, that are pursued by us in the scope of Google AdWords. With means of tools:

  • We see what keywords, advertisements, advertisement groups and campaigns are the most efficient when attracting valuable activities of Customers,
  • We know own Return on Investment (ROI) from the advertisement and pursue well-thought decisions related to the expenditures on advertisements,
  • We automatically optimise the pursued campaigns, according to our business goals,
  • We see, how many Customers interact with our advertisements at a single device or in a web browser, and if they make a conversion at other one,
  • We can display AdWords advertisements to people, who visited our websites.

Information on data processed by our partner is presented below:,

9.3 Personalised advertisement
9.3.1 Social plugins

In some content of our Service, the so called social plugins to social media, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, may be used. You can share particular content to your friends at particular social media or recommend them, with means of such functions.

When using the social plugins, such as i.e. Facebook “Like it” button, Google+ or Twitter button, personal data may be collected by social media, according to the method presented below.

When viewing the content of our Service, where social plugin is integrated, the social service makes direct connection with web browser. As a result, the social media i.e. receive information about your visit at us, from a particular IP address or device ID. It takes place independently to your current logged-in status or general registration at a particular social media website.

When you are simultaneously logged in at a particular social media website, such a social media website automatically arranges your visit at the website to your profile. When you also use social plugins and i.e. recommend an article or other content, the social media will arrange such information to your profile. If you do not want to assign your visit at our website to your user account in the social media, you should log out from a particular service for the period of using our services.

We indicate, that data collected in relation to social media plugins can be exchanged explicitly between your web browser and a social media operator. We do not have any knowledge on the downloaded and forwarded content. As a result, we recommend reading the valid guidelines for personal data protection of social media operators stipulated below.

Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland. You may find the Facebook Privacy Policy ad address:

Google+ button is serviced by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. The respective Privacy Policy is located at address:
You also may use the Twitter services from Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600,0San Francisco, CA 94107, and the Privacy Policy is located at address:


We present below the list of Partners and Privacy Policies that are pursued by them, who obtain access to automatically collected data, with proxy of our Service, and also use such data for own purposes („Partners”).

Please familiarise with this list of our Partners that can be found here as well as review it regularly in order to obtain the most valid information on the list of our Partners and Privacy Policies that are pursued by them.


During advertisement campaigns that are organised by us, some of your data can be obtained by our Advertisers. Such data is generally collected with means of cookies files and similar technologies, that are used for the efficiency assessment of a particular advertisement campaign.


We take great care for the safety issues of the processed personal data. We use the respective technical and organisational measures, in order to protect your data against any unauthorised disclosure or access, accidental or illicit damage or loss.


Our offer will be extended in time. Technologies, standards and requirements related to our business activity in the Internet will also be changed. It means that we may in the future, as well as we will sometimes be forced to, introduce amendments to the Privacy Policy. With every amendment, a new version of Privacy Policy will be presented on the Service websites, will include a respective message, and shall be binding according to new wording from the day of notice about such amendment.